Fire Suppression Systems In The Toledo Area

Accel Fire Systems provide comprehensive fire sprinkler and fire suppression services in Toledo, Ohio and throughout the surrounding areas, including Michigan and Indiana. From the design-build stage to engineering, fabrication, installation, testing and inspection, Accel Fire Systems Inc. can help protect you and your property from fire damage.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are often a building's first line of defense when it comes to protecting both people and property from a fire. Family owned and operated since 1996, Accel Fire Systems has the experience required in order to fully design, fabricate, install and maintain your fire sprinkler systems.

Design & Installation

Accel utilizes the latest advanced AutoCad software and technology to design fire sprinkler and suppression systems. When working with us, we can show you how your system will integrate with your new building or existing construction before the installation even takes place.

Inspections & Service

Don't wait for an emergency to happen to find out if your fire sprinkler system is in good working order! Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance are needed to ensure that your system will work properly in the event of a disaster.

For more information or for a consultation to discuss your project requirements, contact Accel Fire Systems, Inc. today!